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Hobs and burners are perhaps the kitchen areas where dirt accumulates and it is more difficult to remove it.

Luminia Stainless steel and metals is an effective professional product for hobs, burners, grills ... removes the dirt that adheres to those difficult areas to access.


Home Appliances

Appliances, especially stainless steel, are sensitive to acid cleaners; They need a specific cleaner that will not damage the surface.

Luminia Stainless Steel and Metals removes dirt, fingerprints from: refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine ... etc

Glass Surfaces

Get a shine like the first day on all objects and household glass surfaces like: tables, windows, stained glass, decorative items ... etc

Excellent results for longer with Luminia glass cleaner.

Other surfaces

The cream formula of Luminia multisurfaces cleans and creates a protective film that repels dirt, providing a more lasting clean.

It cleans wood surfaces, ceramics, aluminium or marble.

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