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Tires are one of the parts of the vehicle which, by its continuous contact with the asphalt, tend to get dirty more easily.
Use of a quality product is essential for a good result. Lumnia stainless steel cleaner provides a treatment that repels dirt (insects, dust, water ...) from metal surfaces.

Car Windows and Headlignts

Cleaner car windows and headlights offer better visibility and safety while driving.
The cleanliness is as important as its maintenance, since the vehicle is an element of daily work.
Luminia glass cleaner offers 100% brightness without streaks leaving a clean that lasts three times longer.

Car Interiors and Upholstery

The extra strong power of ammonia facilitates the removal of stains from upholstery, mats and the car interior.

Luminia multisurfaces with ammonia has been developed to treat dirt and tough stains.

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