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The importance of sanitizing the screen of your mobile

Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone, they use it at all times, but at the time of cleaning it is a forgotten area. It is important to keep the screen of the mobile sanitized, to eliminate stains and the trace of fingerprints. To do this, it is not enough to pass a cloth. In the rest of surfaces that we clean, we apply a specific product, why would the mobile be less?

We leave you some simple steps to perform the cleaning:  

1. Turn off or lock the device before you start. It is much easier to see the spots when the screen is off.

2. Spray Luminia Screens on a dry cloth.

3. Apply on the screen making small circles with the cloth. This will eliminate most imperfections.

4. Divide the product on the surface until dry.  


It is advisable to clean regularly due to the great use we make of the mobile phone every day.

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